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Enter your contact information below and an Accolade nurse will reach out to understand your needs. At no additional cost, they’ll create a personalized plan that works well for you and includes resources that are part of your benefits. Accolade is here to help you get on the path to feeling better!

Make the most of your benefits

Your employer partners with Accolade to help you get the healthcare you need and connect you to valuable benefits. Accolade is completely confidential and no additional cost to you.

Benefits of creating a care plan with an Accolade nurse:  

  • Get resources to reduce pain while improving strength and mobility

  • Connect with high-quality doctors and physical therapists 

  • Take a whole-person approach and create a plan that works for you 

  • Make the most of your health benefits and save money

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Call 911 immediately if you are having a medical emergency.

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Accolade provides a personalized healthcare information service to support you to better understand and utilize your benefits, receive information from expert medical resources, and facilitate your access to medical care from various healthcare professionals, including virtual medical care services. Virtual medical care services offered by Accolade are provided through independent professional medical practices, including under the Accolade Care brand, to which Accolade provides various platform and related services.

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